House Washing

Learn what NOT to do when cleaning exterior walls and surfaces.

  • Don’t spray too close.
    With a powerful enough pressure blaster, 3-5 feet should be enough.  Any closer runs the risk of damaging paint.
  • Wear protective goggles.
    Accidental blasts are more common than you might think, and potentially disastrous for the eyes.
  • Don’t add bleach (or any other chemical) to the pressure cleaner’s tank.
    If you must use bleach, it needs to be applied selectively and separately, with a brush, directly onto the surface.
  • Don’t focus too much on a single point.
    No matter how much it needs the attention, too much prolonged pressure could wear down the paint or damage many surfaces.
  • Avoid anything fragile, i.e. windows.
    This may seem obvious, but our friends at House Washing Brisbane tell us this is a surprisingly common error for first time DIY cleaners!)
  • Remember to practice.
    Before moving on to painted areas, try the pressure cleaner out on a driveway, path or another concrete surface. This way you’ll get a proper feel for the equipment, and aren’t so likely to be caught by surprise.
  • Most importantly, be very careful if using a ladder.
    Do not under any circumstances increase the pressure, as the kickback could throw you off balance.
  • Check very carefully for electrical outlets.
    Interior or exterior; obvious or remote.  The dangers of electrocution here are fairly self-explanatory!

With special thanks to the Pressure Cleaning Safety Checklist. 

Anything we’ve missed?  Feel free to leave your suggestions with your fellow readers below!


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