The importance of zinc strips and regular re-cleaning. 

Last week we discussed how to clean roof mold.  But alas, nothing lasts forever!  To keep your roof clear of algae, moss or mildew, you will need to take further preventative measures.

Roof Stains

Roofing stains can lower both street appeal and property value if kept unchecked.
Source: Stock.xchng

Step One: Make the Environment Inhospitable for Mold

The most important step in discouraging mold is to take away its favorite things: moisture and shadow. Remove any nearby vines or branches if possible to maximize direct sunlight and a healthy flow of air.

Contact your local roofing store about zinc strips. Zinc will initiate a chemical reaction that effectively stops mold from any further group. This rather clever invention will send water – and thus, the chemical reaction – down the slope of your roof when it rains.

Zinc Strips to Prevent Mold and Algae Regrowth
Zinc Roof Armor
Shingle Shield Zinc Strips

Perform Annual Follow-Up Cleans

Remember that mold is famously resilient, so check well and often for regrowth. An annual re-cleaning is also highly recommended.

Got any further tips for preventing regrowth?  We’d love to hear from you!  Simply leave a comment below.


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